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Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

shahineo says:
Can you please add support for 2 iPhone households?

1) Share and Accept a List
2) Send a task
3) Share a task

would be great additions for those of us that use RTM to manage family task lists.
Posted at 10:26pm on November 9, 2008
robert.besaw says:
or work task lists.

What I usually do is add the task in iPhone and then send it once I get to a computer. I haven't tried it yet, but I think the lists can be shared list so if it's a normal repeating list my wife and I both keep it up to date.
Posted 13 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We're definitely open to expanding the functionality available in the app in the future, so it's great to hear what people would like to see.

(We included most of RTM's functionality in the app already, but we had to stop somewhere, otherwise I don't think we would have ever released it. :)
Posted 13 years ago
shahineo says:
you focusedon the right stuff. The app is fantastic. This is a good v2 request :-)
Posted 13 years ago
sksimonds says:
Thanks for making this an actual app! I use it with all my assistants at work, and it's fantastic.

Being able to share tasks with my co-workers helps us stay focused on what needs to get done, so it would be great if v2 had sharing right in the app.

Thanks for all the hard work!
Posted 13 years ago
javabean161 says:
One thing that my wife and I share is a common ShoppingList (which we shared originally via the Web). Now with RTM on our iPhones we both can see the shopping list can can separately either add things for each other that we forgot, or mark complete when we pick them up.

Seems to work well enough, although we do sometimes have to force the sync if we do to much updating.

Great start.
Posted 13 years ago
jessica.tobiason says:
The ability to share on iPhone / iPad would be fabulous. my hubby and I organize our tasks differently (different lists / categories) so sharing an entire list wouldn't meet the need. Thanks for a great app so far!
Posted 10 years ago
formless says:
I am absolutely amazed at how horrible task sharing is in RTM. Why? Why? Just the whole process on the web of inviting someone then them hunting down the list somewhere on their side to accept. It's incredibly aweful.
Posted 10 years ago
just_dmitry says:
+1 for this feature (and for iPad app too)
Posted 10 years ago
marie.bouchet says:
There seems to be a bug with sharing multiple tasks: when my boyfriend selects, say, 170 tasks he wants to share with me, the RTM website says they got shared, but I don't see them anywhere. Obvisouly the sharing has not happened. Any tips on how to fix this/any other experience of that problem?
Thanks your help!
Posted 10 years ago
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