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Website and Android app both need a dark theme

Started by taskmachine Web app14 comments

Add a 'phone number' field for tasks

Started by ramiak Web app10 comments

Ability to edit tasks from the Overview screen

Started by voegler Web app9 comments

Swipe to postpone

Started by lemayp iPhone app17 comments

Ability to postpone to later in the date or fixed time

Started by justinrdmv Android app2 comments

Ability to use Smart Add when editing tasks

Started by (closed account) Web app2 comments

New due date format: day after tomorrow

Started by freenerd Web app2 comments

Make open to all devices

Started by (closed account) Mobile version4 comments

Warn when search operators are unknown/misspelled

Started by dfm Web app0 comments

Ability to add/rename tags from the Tasks screen

Started by rcuebas Web app0 comments

Customize when your day begins/ends (e.g. night owls might want their 'Today' list to show tasks due up to 2am, not midnight)

Started by michael.vastola Web app10 comments

Ability to sync Smart Lists

Started by (closed account) MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook5 comments

Tap and hold to access task actions

Started by neilgmoore iPhone app2 comments

Auto-complete tags when editing tasks

Started by olehoholm Android app0 comments

Postpone start dates

Started by (closed account) Web app14 comments

Remember The Milk t-shirts

Started by danielcabreratoyos General8 comments

Smart List manual/help/guide

Started by kslays General2 comments

Location-based notifications on both entering and/or leaving locations

Started by noah.souza Android app0 comments

Dark Mode for Web and Mobile Apps

Started by hntopper1 General10 comments

Add multiple tasks at once

Started by doug.martin Web app11 comments