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Family pro accounts

(closed account) says:
RTM could offer the option of family accounts. Just like Spotify, Amazon, Netflix do.
For instance:
For 1.5 times the standard price one could have 3 pro accounts.
That might seem too generous, but with Spotify you have 5 accounts for that. With Netflix, 4 people can watch with this increase. What's in it for RTM? Customer satisfaction and retention. If I am going to upset someone if I cancel my account I will think twice even if I am thinking about other options.
Posted at 7:31pm on September 18, 2016
banjax says:
Wow, not getting much love but I anticipate pulling my family into RTM I would love to get a family plan
Posted 6 years ago
oscargodson says:
Yeah I'd love this, even if it was a pay by the month. It's hard to pay for a bunch of accounts up front but could do it monthly.
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes. $80/year just to get push notifications isn't worth it to my wife and me. Also, apparently if you have Pro and set up a list with subtasks, then share it with someone without Pro, they won't be able to see the subtasks, which sucks.
Posted 6 years ago
muximus says:
Yes Please. Not a chance i pay $80 for me and my wife. Trialing RTM for a week. Better be worth it in the first place.
Posted 5 years ago
phelas says:
This would be great and useful. We are 4 family members and I like the idea to organize our life with RTM. But 4 x 40$ is an issue.
Posted 5 years ago
abu_lahab says:
Posted 5 years ago
r13h23e says:

Why 1.5x and not 1.0x?
Family theoretically could all use a single account, so the separation is just for better UX, but one subscription for family should be supported.
Posted 5 years ago
hispeedsurfer says:
I‘am a User singe 2008 and paid for the pro membership for many years until the price became outrageously expensive. With a family offer, I could imagine to make a contribution for this really good tool again. Unfortunately the cow does not seem to need it ...
Posted 3 years ago
aymanwaheed says:
+1. Any feedback from RTM team on this
Posted 3 years ago
jimothy.jones says:
+1 I wouldn’t mind $40 for my wife and I. $80 is just a bit too much.. I pay less than $80 annually for a password manager family account.
Posted 3 years ago
sezduck says:
+1 Agreed with all of the above!
Posted 2 years ago
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