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Ability to edit tasks from the Overview screen

voegler says:
A possible feature request: why can't we manipulate data on the overview page? Not new tasks -- (though it may make sense to have a way to put new tasks in the inbox from the overview page), but a way to mark tasks as completed or to postpone them / set a new date / add notation etc.
Posted at 10:10am on October 20, 2005
(closed account) says:
I'd also like to see tasks without a due date on the overview page and on the weekly overview printout.
Posted 14 years ago
egid says:
Seconded / thirded. Being able to complete tasks shown in the overview would make a lot of sense.
Posted 14 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Posted 14 years ago
ultrapasty says:
Yeah, and to be able to see which list they're in would also be helpful.
Posted 14 years ago
gregwh says:
fifthed. I was coming here to suggest this but found the thread already. I'm tending to find tasks I've already done piling up in the overdue list and am getting dizzy going back and forth trying to mark them as complete.

Showing the list might help also in case the user has relied on the list name as context for the task. For instance, a GTDer might have an agenda list for a particular person or working group. The "Lisa" list might say "discuss memo." Without knowing the list it belonged to, the user might ask "with whom?"
Posted 14 years ago
trepanich says:
The ability to complete or postone tasks for the overview screen would a great addition to the system!
Posted 8 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:
Every morning I start out on my Overview Screen. The overview screen is where our due, overdue and upcoming tasks from across all lists are amalgamated, it is something that we ought to be able to keep on our screen, postpone, mark tasks complete, and make notes.

Every morning I sit down at my computer and there might be 10 tasks in my list, some of them routine early-morning stuff that takes a minute, or 3 minutes. A *lot* of what seems unnecessary clicking goes on:
- click on a task to see it's note (or to see if it even has notes), then click back to Overview
- click on a task you just finished, mark it complete, click back to Overview
- click on a task you are postponing, postpone it, click back to Overview

It would be a much superior user experience if we could just work with the tasks that are on our plate Today without the screen switching to a task list the task comes from (where there are many distractions having nothing to do with Today), and then having to switch back (if we didn't get distracted) to begin knocking of the next task in Today's list.

Please please please :-)
Posted 8 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:
please also let us enter a new task from Overview. Often when scanning or working with what is due, overdue and coming up, a thought pops up of another task or follow-up task that needs doing.

Switching us out of Overview and into task lists every time we need to--
- complete
-edit the task
-see whether there is/are notes
-create/edit/view a note
-see what list the task is in *

.... takes our focus off what we're supposed to be doing Yesterday/Today/Coming-Up.

* we might have two tasks with similar verbiage having to do with two different projects ... at the least please show listname & note count?? But ideally full editing. If at all technically possible. Thanks.
Posted 8 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:
woops add to the above list:

- create a new task

that's a lot of instances in which our focus is taken off our overview of things.
Posted 8 years ago
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