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Improve transition between screens

blackmagnum says:
Following opening the App if i swipe my finger from right to left, the next screen slides in as expected from the right, if i hit the hardware back button the animation reverses, and the screens slide out correctly in reverse left to right.

What I noticed is that if I swipe my finger left to right, the animation still slides the previous screen in right to left.

Can we correct this?


Droid X Android 2.2
Posted at 10:04pm on September 29, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We're looking to this to see if we can change how this works -- it would be nice if it transitioned the right way. :)

(It actually wasn't possible to customise transitions until a recent Android OS update, which is why it works the way it works now, but we're seeing if that can be changed. :)
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes, please!
Posted 10 years ago
jdezso says:
Would love to see this fixed as well!
Posted 10 years ago
tymko says:
seconded and thirded and ditto, YES! It looks ugly and is counter-intuitive now
Posted 10 years ago
mlueftl says:
not the most important fix, but still somewhat ..."annyoing"
Posted 9 years ago
hanno.stock says:
Would love to see that fixed, too. It's often confusing.
Posted 9 years ago
poma says:
Posted 9 years ago
parudox says:
As silly as this sounds, this issue alone makes it difficult for me to use the feature. It is very distracting that the transition goes the wrong way.
Posted 9 years ago
ondrej.marsalek says:
It does not sound silly, it really is very confusing when the screen slides the wrong direction, same for me.

RTM, please fix this soon.
Posted 9 years ago
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