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BlackBerry app (for OS prior to BlackBerry 10)

Started by brobinson2102 New apps190 commentsAnswered

Distribute app via Archos appslib

Started by codedivine Android app3 commentsAnswered

Download app without Android Market

Started by rubyji Android app8 commentsAnswered

Snooze button for notifications

Started by dice1976 iPhone app16 commentsAnswered

Instead of blue checkmarks on every day, show how many tasks are due in the icon

Started by boxinxu Google Calendar2 commentsAnswered

Ability to tap on tag names

Started by rod.satterwhite iPad app4 commentsAnswered

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by currys Android app25 commentsAnswered

Ability to share Smart Lists

Started by wss7932 Web app108 commentsAnswered

Support for tasks created by flagging emails for follow up

Started by spamboy MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook97 commentsAnswered

MilkSync for Outlook 2011 for Mac

Started by tomeppy New apps70 commentsAnswered

Improve transition between screens

Started by blackmagnum Android app10 commentsAnswered

Make installable on SD card

Started by kseistrup Android app20 commentsAnswered

Spotlight search support

Started by schiegl iPhone app5 commentsAnswered

Support creating tasks from emails in the gadget

Started by (closed account) Gmail gadget9 commentsAnswered

Ability to update an existing location (change the location)

Started by annevoss iPhone app3 commentsAnswered

Google Checkout for purchasing Pro accounts

Started by davidpaquet General3 commentsAnswered

Add tasks by SMS

Started by michaelcaruso New integrations11 commentsAnswered

Create tasks from emails using other Gmail interfaces

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on2 commentsAnswered

Instead of blue checkmarks on every day, show different color icons depending on whether tasks are due

Started by jbensley Google Calendar10 commentsAnswered

Calendar view

Started by (closed account) Web app64 commentsAnswered