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Started by dalton Web app865 commentsAnswered

Dependent tasks

Started by michael.stewart Web app367 comments

Drag and drop to reorder tasks

Started by abbyct Web app271 comments

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by mark.pastor Web app235 comments

Ability to postpone for longer than a day

Started by mkohpotts Web app84 comments

Show tasks and notes in a single pane

Started by aaronrwilson Web app70 comments

Start dates

Started by jsellen Web app220 comments

Attachments for tasks

Started by ashiro Web app61 comments

Mac OS X desktop app

Started by endlessemergency New apps297 comments

Display the lists vertically on the left (instead of in tabs)

Started by nick.hoffman Web app51 comments

Customize list (tab) colors

Started by pretendr Web app80 comments

Customize reminders for individual tasks

Started by emilio.bertelli Reminders156 comments

Integrate 'A Bit Better RTM'

Started by jcassee Web app69 comments

Statistics on completed tasks

Started by ernfors Web app58 comments

Option to receive reminders for overdue tasks

Started by sadpoet Reminders107 comments

Location-based notifications

Started by nick.henry iPhone app115 comments


Started by danielpataki Web app120 comments

Time tracking for tasks

Started by kdriscoll Web app73 comments

Keyboard shortcut for 'move to list'

Started by imonsei Web app102 comments

Trash, to recover accidentally deleted tasks

Started by lttp Web app55 comments