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New repeat word: annually

Started by peter.lewis Web app1 commentLaunched

Support for default list

Started by Bookmarklet4 commentsLaunched

Link to advanced search help from search box

Started by mddperkins Web app2 commentsLaunched

Search help section with Google

Started by alexander.gagin Web app1 commentLaunched

Show keyboard shortcuts in the tooltips

Started by philandmaria Web app2 commentsLaunched

Search function

Started by jsteehl Web app7 commentsLaunched

New search operator: isTagged

Started by aloys Web app5 commentsLaunched


Started by sabrina Web app27 commentsLaunched

Corporate email disclaimers - ignoreafter flag?

Started by ianl Email4 commentsLaunched

Time estimate on repeating tasks

Started by bookchiq Web app3 commentsLaunched

Pressing 'n' shouldn't clear the select bar

Started by willswords Web app3 commentsLaunched

Ability to stop repeating tasks from repeating in the future

Started by dsb3 Web app1 commentLaunched

Recover forgotten username

Started by swati.jain Web app4 commentsLaunched

Improve help flow

Started by neilernst General2 commentsLaunched

Import lists via email

Started by ssgelm Web app5 commentsLaunched

User-friendly email address

Started by jckos Email4 commentsLaunched

Show overdue tasks on Weekly Planner

Started by sabrina Web app17 commentsLaunched

Loading message

Started by wodow Web app3 commentsLaunched

Keyboard shortcut to deselect currently selected task

Started by vikshah Web app6 commentsLaunched

Jabber notifications

Started by jk3us Reminders5 commentsLaunched