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Default due date setting

Started by (closed account) Web app9 commentsLaunched

Group by tag

Started by michaelcaruso Web app5 commentsLaunched

Option to automatically hide empty Smart Lists

Started by Web app7 commentsLaunched

Print all tasks, grouped by list

Started by cfbrock Web app21 commentsLaunched

Group by list name

Started by telegramsam Web app6 commentsLaunched

Use your current location to show nearby tasks

Started by danep Web app5 commentsLaunched

New repeat option: first [day name] of [month name] (e.g. 'first saturday of august')

Started by calibertolls Web app2 commentsLaunched

Assign tasks to others

Started by cfur Web app19 commentsLaunched

Show the toolbar buttons (Complete, Postpone, etc) at the bottom of the list in addition to the top

Started by dcefrance Web app4 commentsLaunched

Ability to postpone for longer than a day

Started by mkohpotts Web app85 commentsLaunched

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by mark.pastor Web app236 commentsLaunched

Drag and drop to reorder tasks

Started by (closed account) Web app272 commentsLaunched


Started by dalton Web app866 commentsLaunched

Notification Actions

Started by jsejcksn iPhone app2 commentsLaunched

Evernote integration

Started by joeburnham New integrations611 commentsLaunched

Blackberry 10 app

Started by (closed account) New apps7 commentsLaunched

Android tablet version

Started by mvogel70 New apps151 commentsLaunched

Show a notes icon when a task has notes

Started by jahanl1 Android app27 commentsLaunched

Pay for Pro without PayPal

Started by pielgrzym General2 commentsLaunched

Desktop pop-up reminders

Started by youniversity Reminders5 commentsLaunched