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Assign tasks to others

cfur says:
Total noob here, but after a cursory glance, I couldn't find if tasks could be assigned to other people. As a manager, I would love the ability to add some tasks to a teammates list --- that might push the product in a different direction, but would be awesome for my teams...
Posted at 8:17pm on June 25, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
The ability to give tasks to others became available when we launched the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this, and we hope you've been enjoying this new feature!
Posted 1 year ago
maciek.nowakowski says:
Yeah, this would be a great feature. We have to use tagging instead.
Posted 8 years ago
solobippy says:
agreed, the sharing is good but if more than two people are sharing it is not always clear who needs to preform the task
Posted 8 years ago
1519 says:
Yes - if RTM had a good "assign tasks" feature we would probably use it exclusively instead of having to also use Basecamp for that feature.
Posted 6 years ago
marklens says:
indead assigning tasks should be great
Posted 6 years ago
dobrienma says:
+1 here. We have a relatively small team at work and would have everyone using this tool, but currently can't see a way to generate reports and such. The app is great as it is and I wouldn't want to take it too far astray, but seems like one possible path for the rtm team.
Posted 5 years ago
bird.famille says:
Agreed. Honestly, I've let my RTM Pro membership lapse recently and started been researching other services because this is a major pain point for me. Having a pro account so I can share tasks with others really isn't useful when I need the ability for:
A) assigning to a specific team member, and/or
B) allowing anyone on the team to complete the task and have a "paper trail" of who actually did the work.
Using the "notes" section to record a name for each and every task wastes a lot of time (especially when using the iPhone app, which is the most common way we access RTM). And yes, RTM team, there is a competitor out there who makes it possible to assign tasks, records who completed, allows projects/sublists. Feel free to contact me offline for the specific company I'm referring to.
Posted 5 years ago
valandbank says:
Need this feature for our small team. We're sharing lists, but it's confusing on who should be doing the task. We have tried tagging... which works... but everyone who the list is shared with gets constant reminders on everyone elses tasks, which makes the reminders useless because everyone starts ignoring them!
Posted 5 years ago
michelle.kady says:
Love the fact that you can share and send tasks, but assigning tasks from a personal and a shared list is needed!
Posted 5 years ago
gymnae says:
I start using this tool for coordinating team mates and tasks. Assigning them would be the next logical step to sharing lists.
Please add this feature
Posted 5 years ago
mtallen says:
We need this feature. Please.
Posted 5 years ago
ekherwig says:
I agree with valandbank's comment about reminders. If I delegate using shared lists, I don't necessarily want to see reminders on my Overview screen for what's due today, tomorrow, etc. That really clutters my view. An ability to include/exclude certain lists from the Overview tab would help.
Posted 5 years ago
pwccg says:
Love RTM, but I have come to the conclusion that it is not practical for team work. I would love to see more team work features added (assign tasks, individual reminders and reporting ...).

It would be good to get feedback from the development team to see if this is being considered.

Like bird.famille, I am looking elsewhere to other tools that meet my needs.
Posted 5 years ago
dymaxion says:
This is really critical for shared tasks. Without it, there's not much point in being able to share tasks.
Posted 5 years ago
beth.crane says:
This is what I've wanted right from the start, would love this rather than tagging!
Posted 5 years ago
vcastellani says:
Fabulous idea!
Posted 5 years ago
corin.fairchild says:
Any progress on this?
Posted 5 years ago
clausaaberg says:
Really a must have. We are currently 3 users a the teams is growing, but the fact that i cant really managed tasks between us is a growing problem.
I can send them to someone else, but then i loose control of that task (this has been used so far as "assigning").
I hoped that the outlook sync could solve the problem, but the sync is missing 2 things : Tags as categories and a link between RTM profiles and mailadresses.
Posted 4 years ago
mrjazzman says:
Yes, this is the starting feature that all people need nowadays! Aft words we then need Time Entry for every member that performs a task, and then Reports per Team member and so on.
This is the enterprise path.
Posted 3 years ago
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