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Show notes in same view as task details

Started by pikamookie iPhone app5 commentsLaunched

Show tags in the list view

Started by iPhone app6 commentsLaunched

Make 'This Week' view one screen, with tasks grouped by day

Started by lolongan iPhone app20 commentsLaunched

Select multiple tasks and move them to another list

Started by jans.roeber iPhone app6 commentsLaunched

Edit multiple tasks at once

Started by bunchbob iPhone app6 commentsLaunched

Show all 'Views' icons on the screen at once (eliminate side scrolling)

Started by lubelski Android app2 commentsLaunched

4x3 widget

Started by arwild01 Android app11 commentsLaunched

2x1 widget

Started by cloakdev Android app3 commentsLaunched

2x4 widget

Started by retohaeberli Android app4 commentsLaunched

2x3 and 3x2 widget

Started by dawid.piaskowski Android app1 commentLaunched

Scrollable widget

Started by icantremember Android app37 commentsLaunched

Resizable widget

Started by meno Android app1 commentLaunched

Kindle Fire app

Started by whipartist New apps23 commentsLaunched

Remember The Milk Google+ page

Started by camillt General1 commentLaunched

Quick shortcut with voice input

Started by bcohen44 Android app6 commentsLaunched

Show task names on multiple lines in list view

Started by caseycs Android app1 commentLaunched

Tiny widget (1x1) that shows the number of tasks from a specific list

Started by chris.yeoh Android app7 commentsLaunched

Shortcut to add new task (no widget, only shortcut)

Started by niels.muenzner Android app6 commentsLaunched

Shortcuts (bookmark lists) on the home screen

Started by chicagojosh Android app10 commentsLaunched

Save or confirm discarding of changes when back button is pressed on note edit screen

Started by styxiak Android app15 commentsLaunched