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Quick shortcut with voice input

(closed account) says:
Currently it takes several clicks to get to create a new RTM task on the Android app. I was wondering if creating an pre-built Android shortcut (and/or widget, although shortcut would be better, as other apps allow shortcuts to be put in the notification bar) for quick new task entrym with a large "microphone" button for Andrioid speech-to-text input. These would then go right to the Inbox for later processing.

Great use case is in the car, as typically, it's the time I have most to think, and often think of lots of tasks. A way to very quickly get those out of my head (alla, first step of Collect), would be great. It's slightly cumbersome in the current version to get to a list, click new task, and then hit the voice input button on the Android keyboard.
Posted at 7:40pm on April 27, 2011
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This option is now available in our Smart Bar widget in version 2.0.0. :)

Please see our blog post: The ginormous Remember The Milk for Android update
Posted 8 years ago
brendan says:
Thanks for your feedback on this as well!
Posted 9 years ago
twinstead says:
seriously, this is one of the best features in astrid - easy task input with voice recognition. a widget would be awesome for this too - major time savings.
Posted 9 years ago
jlsherrard says:
This WAS my favorite capability with my Treo+Jott Outlook sync. Never had to look at the screen or press any buttons after speed-dailling Jott. I replaced my Treo with an Android phone after Jott died. I've tried to cludge together a solution for adding tasks to RTM by voice with reQall, Tasker, Astrid, but each takes several steps for each new task. I'm thinking of switching from RTM to ReQall (and deal with their less friendly interface) just to simplify getting things into my inbox by voice!
Posted 9 years ago
bcasteel says:
+1. It'd be great to speak a task on the go and just organize our plan it later.
Posted 8 years ago
bcasteel says:
PS: this would still be a good feature even if it was an option in the app instead of (out in addition to) a shortcut or widget.
Posted 8 years ago
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