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Print all tasks, grouped by list

cfbrock says:
My lists are so nicely organized when I'm on-line, but such a bother to print each list separately to put in my organizer. Need to be able to print all tasks, grouped by List. Would also be nice (though not essential) to select which lists to print.
Thank you.
Posted at 12:32am on October 26, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now possible with the new grouping options available in the new Remember The Milk. You can go to the "All Tasks" view, and choose to group by list, then print. :) Thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
Posted 1 year ago
ultrapasty says:
Mmm yes please!
Some more printing options such as this would be fantastic, also a more space-saving print layout would be great. I'm a poor student and can't use a whole sheet of A4 for every single list!!! ;)
Posted 10 years ago
jefftheg says:
This would be SO nice to print with or It works, but you can only print one list. I would LOVE to see the Pro version or RTM add printing separate lists to pocketmod,
Posted 10 years ago
superflyman says:
I concur, I create tasks for personal, work and study and would love to be able to print out all of the lists without going to each tab which is painful.
Posted 10 years ago
gdoten says:
Just wanted to chime in here and say that I'd love to see this as a feature as well. Or at least the ability to see all of my tasks on one screen. Some way to see the "big picture" like this would make it easier for me to do a weekly review of my tasks world.
Posted 10 years ago
gdoten says:
Sorry, I'm new here and just read some more posts. This one:

introduced me to "smart lists" and that technique is perfect for what I am attempting.
Posted 10 years ago
dbcrandall says:
I need this feature too. Smart lists combine the lists according to alphabetical, priority, or time sorting. I agree that being able to have a printout with chosen lists separate is sorely needed, and seems to be one of the last chinks in the RTM armor...(also an option to have a 'daily digest' of todos emailed would be handy ;)
Posted 10 years ago
mattkevans says:
Printing ALL grouped by LIST... then ability to sort by date, priority, name, tag, etc... YES!!!!

Emily? please, Please, PLease, PLEase, PLEAse, PLEASe, PLEASE or maybe even esaelp...
Posted 10 years ago
mattkevans says:
Does anyone read these, besides the person who wrote them?
Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Emily is just one person, and there are a lot of threads here, but I'm sure she's read this, as have many other people.

If you want to see some of the many ways others have suggested enhancing RTM's printing capabilities, try these:
Posted 10 years ago
mcewan.m says:
I also need this feature, what is the point of multiple lists if I can't print them and retain the difference between lists?
Posted 9 years ago
gonzadaman says:
It is so frustrating, when I lose hours organizing my task according to different lists, and then when I print my tasks, I almost cry when I see all the tasks totally disorganised and totally unreadable.
Posted 9 years ago
maigrey says:
Please please implement this!
Posted 9 years ago
alohatl says:
I agree. I think it's a very important and essential feature to be able to see your tasks grouped by list under "All tasks" and saved smartlists.
Posted 9 years ago
trseneca says:
For anyone that is doing a weekly review of what needs to get done a printed list of each List with its associated Tasks is essential. This is the Getting Things Done review and is a necessary upgrade for me if I am going to continue to be a RTM Pro.
Posted 6 years ago
jpcarp says:
You can do it now by creating a smart search like this
list:costco OR list:target
then just print the list. When you print, it shows what list the items belongs to. Not optimal as I'd rather see it grouped by lists, but "workable".
Posted 6 years ago
kysusan says:
Thanks for the suggestion jpcarp. I used your idea by creating a Smartlist called "NA". This list contains all my next actions. I print my Project list, my NA list, my @Wait list and my Someday / Maybe list for my Weekly Review. As you say, this solution is not optimal but it is a good work-around.
Posted 6 years ago
bill7676 says:
Agree with trseneca
Posted 5 years ago
sanjeevsaraf says:
when should we expect print capability enhancements?
Posted 5 years ago
wbloom says:
I would also LOVE this feature! If RTM could add a "Sort by.." List, that would alleviate this problem if combining with Smart Lists. However, until then (waiting, waiting...) I decided to do a workaround by entering each task beginning with the list name. This way, I can create a SmartList, sort by Task Name, and then it's grouped for printing (although no header at the top of each group). It's cumbersome, but effective.
Posted 5 years ago
gar7777 says:
what they said! please add this feature so we can, with a single request, print all Tasks, sorted by List, and sorted by priority under each List hearing.
Posted 4 years ago
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