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'Goals' feature

Started by anpal79 Web app3 comments

Grocery Gadget integration

Started by jnievele New integrations0 comments

Capitalize on voice input

Started by gte619n Android app0 comments

Make blue task icons less bright

Started by pieterherthogs Google Calendar0 comments

Syntax to specify which part of Smart List criteria should be used when tasks inherit properties

Started by torfason Web app2 comments

Ability to modify Atom feed name

Started by milkmaid88 Web app0 comments

Customize how priority maps from Remember The Milk to Outlook

Started by bcasteel MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook0 comments

Link to a contact's published lists from the Contacts screen

Started by jfiat Web app1 comment

Run a contest for API developers

Started by eyals General0 comments

IE pinned sites integration

Started by timschaeps New integrations1 comment

Search operator for tasks connected with emails (from Gmail add-on)

Started by steve.bragg Web app2 comments

Support '+', '++', '+++', etc for due dates, meaning 'in N days' where N is the number of plus signs

Started by matthieu.baudoux Web app4 comments

Two-dimensional priorities, i.e. assign both a number and letter for priority

Started by scgarris Web app4 comments

Tag aliasing (e.g. tag alias 'sd' for a tag named 'someday')

Started by rdurdyyew Web app0 comments

Support for 'Original Message' separator when forwarding emails

Started by waffletchnlgy Email0 comments

Automatically delete missed repeating tasks

Started by astrojason Web app4 comments

Conceal tasks when in the default view

Started by mattpackwood iPhone app0 comments

Command to search tasks

Started by dedmonds Twitter0 comments

Add a Canvas view

Started by kmich iGoogle gadget4 comments

MindMeister integration

Started by leo.knight New integrations10 comments