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Ability to customize whether lists and locations are shown in the task cloud

Started by reactor5 Web app0 comments

Don't delete the contents of the "Add new task" bar when the user presses Escape

Started by topher200 Web app0 comments

Ability to add a new task by tapping any blank row

Started by i_dave iPad app1 comment

Show the total time estimated for completed tasks

Started by guryushika Web app1 comment

Exchange/ActiveSync Synchronization

Started by adotson New integrations1 comment

Implement black (or white) lists for task email senders

Started by mchojrin Email0 comments

Enter button on Smart Add bar

Started by kacrocker Android app0 comments

Ability to 'archive' a task

Started by sthurn Web app1 comment

Ability to 'watch' tasks

Started by klaus.riedinger Web app0 comments

Add more categories to this ideas thing

Started by tvjames General0 comments

Include locations in the print view

Started by zoresvit Web app0 comments

Option to order completed by priority

Started by jlous Android app1 comment

SlideScreen integration (Android)

Started by giorgio.chiodi New integrations0 comments

Add a 'time spent' field

Started by jackforester Web app2 comments

Eisenhower-Matrix view

Started by arniswiss Web app2 comments

Option to hide list and tags when browsing tasks in a list

Started by ernfors iPhone app0 comments

Ability to close task detail window in landscape mode

Started by jonathan.decolaines iPad app1 comment

Paginate the completed tasks view

Started by yosri Web app0 comments

Add button to test reminders to mobile phone

Started by pekka.gaiser Reminders1 comment

Option to disable grouping by due date

Started by johnfoland iGoogle gadget0 comments