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iPhone Request: Clickable Phone Numbers

Started by jakobo 4 comments

Option to keep completed tasks in the list for the rest of the day

Started by jmc Web app0 comments

Make RTM desktop app have ability to be always on top of other windows

Started by halseys General0 comments

Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

Started by mickem New integrations9 comments

Automatically completed the tasks

Started by xmission Web app0 comments

Tag on creation

Started by haze14 Android app1 comment

Task prioritisation

Started by twojaysfarm Web app0 comments

Provide all task details on 'Add Task'

Started by martinhughharvey Web app0 comments

Keep List Name in upper left corner regardless if Navigation pane is collapsed

Started by jamezzz Web app0 comments

Generalized Locations

Started by zerzawy New integrations0 comments

Start Option - "Search Box"

Started by bo1o1 Android app0 comments

Add a new button to remove/clear the content of search field.

Started by smshahidraza Web app0 comments

Copy & Paste of Tasks Repeating Setting as text

Started by thomas.ritter Android app0 comments

Restore the rest of the single-click keyboard shortcuts

Started by armchairdj Web app1 comment

Create smart list from Android App

Started by ordeph Android app1 comment

Make shared lists stand out from my lists

Started by cweb Web app1 comment

Widget for a specific tag

Started by brian.reilly Android app3 comments

Support for add-on in languages other than US English

Started by phantomcode Gmail add-on3 comments

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Started by vt Web app2 comments

Capture location when adding a task

Started by corona620 Android app1 comment