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Include tags in the print view

Started by ccaine Web app73 commentsLaunched

More advanced sorting options

Started by vigeek Web app26 commentsLaunched

Offline support without Google Gears

Started by f789gh Web app128 commentsLaunched

Trash, to recover accidentally deleted tasks

Started by lttp Web app57 commentsLaunched

Keyboard shortcut for 'move to list'

Started by imonsei Web app103 commentsLaunched

Display the lists vertically on the left (instead of in tabs)

Started by nick.hoffman Web app52 commentsLaunched

Start dates

Started by jsellen Web app221 commentsLaunched

Show tasks and notes in a single pane

Started by aaronrwilson Web app72 commentsLaunched

Support for offline access with Safari

Started by sofrankly Web app1 commentLaunched

Add 'locationContains' to search operators

Started by kidpix Web app2 commentsLaunched

Support different protocols in the URL field (e.g. smb:// and message://)

Started by (closed account) Web app7 commentsLaunched

Automatically add people who accept invites to contacts

Started by bryce.schober Web app2 commentsLaunched

Warn before creating a new list with the same name

Started by mburchrtm Web app1 commentLaunched

Larger field for renaming tasks

Started by akimbo Web app7 commentsLaunched

Support notes without titles

Started by levbor Web app1 commentLaunched

New Improved Design!

Started by mohhawk Web app1 commentLaunched

Use drag and drop to move tasks

Started by chrisfurtado Web app1 commentLaunched

Search operator for emailed-in tasks

Started by markwilliams Web app1 commentLaunched

Keyboard shortcut for 'more actions'

Started by (closed account) Web app4 commentsLaunched

Add 'modifiedWithin' to search operators

Started by (closed account) Web app6 commentsLaunched