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Support different protocols in the URL field (e.g. smb:// and message://)

(closed account) says:
This was posted a while ago, consider this a re-post.

Suggestion: please do not modify the contents of the URL field.

The following URL types seem to work in URL....

If I use "smb://", then the URL field incorrectly prefixes it with "http://". smb:// is a valid protocol on OS X, and is recognized by Firefox.
Posted at 9:20pm on July 11, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Different protocols for URLs are now supported with the new Remember The Milk.

Thanks for your feedback on this!
Posted 8 years ago
jakelevirne says:
Same problem with notes:// urls
Posted 15 years ago
jhollington says:
....and message:// URLs for those who want to link back to e-mail messages in Apple Mail.

I would suggest only prefixing an http:// onto a URL if it *doesn't* already include a protocol prefix. It should be simple enough to search for "://" in the URL string and only pre-pend the HTTP protocol prefix if NO prefix is present.

Posted 15 years ago
(closed account) says:
jhollington's idea seems to be the best to me. i have a completely self created protocol that is present in the windows registry and also in firefox. the link looks like this: we://web_content/web_posts/ID/IN(2106,2100,209)
would be nice to have it opened from RTM.
Posted 15 years ago
wojo says:
Try using tinyurl (or similar) to encapsulate your URIs, then put those into RTM.
Posted 15 years ago
matthewartz14 says:
Only problem with jhollington's suggestion is that doesn't apply a :// automatically when you copy the message URL. It's in the format of "". It'll work as message://, it just doesn't do it automatically in that format.
Posted 15 years ago
dhilowitz says:
Did this get fixed? I am successfully using Notational Velocity's custom URLs on my Macbook in conjunction with the URL fields. eg. "nv://search%20term%20here"
Posted 12 years ago
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