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Add 'modifiedWithin' to search operators

(closed account) says:
I just paid for RTM since it is really great!

One of the ways I use RTM is to generate a weekly progress report -- what did I do within the past week? Currently it seems possible to only search for the tasks "completed" within the past week, whereas it doesn't seem possible to search for tasks that I worked on in the past week (i.e. added notes, changed title, etc...). I guess I'm looking for these search args: modifiedBefore, modifiedAfter, modifiedWithin. (BTW, somehow postponed tasks should not be considered "modified" in this sense...).

Or, is there another way to search this way?

Thanks :)
Posted at 9:16am on August 16, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We now have "updated", "updatedWithin", "updatedBefore", and "updatedAfter" available in the search operators for the new Remember The Milk. :)

Hope this helps!
Posted 8 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Workaround: Whenever you want to change a task, duplicate it first. Delete the old task and do whatever changes you want to the new task.

This new task will show up if you use the addedBefore etc search parameters.
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
Thanks for the idea. It seems that that'd also find the tasks that were just added but had no progress at all :(

I noticed that notes have a timestamp. A notedWithin search param would be very nice.
Posted 13 years ago
johnstonf says:
i'd really like to see ability to search for tasks i have modifiedWithin (so I can find all task i've "touched" in last x days)... i don't want to go through the extreme hassle of remembering to have to "duplicate it" then "delete the old" etc... total waste of time and very error (memory) prone. PLEASE ADD this capability RTM!
Posted 12 years ago
kevin.e.heikes says:
I would like to see this feature added as well...
Posted 12 years ago
ametts says:
Add me to the list of users who want to use "last modified" semantics. I just tried to set up a smart list to find all the "stale" tasks that I haven't touched in a month, and couldn't make it happen.

This seems like it'd be a common thing to do -- I was surprised there wasn't such a feature in the search keywords already.

Posted 10 years ago
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