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New search operator: added

Started by norz Web app2 commentsLaunched

Ability to add tasks to Smart Lists

Started by chadcrowell Web app3 commentsLaunched

Ability to edit Smart List criteria

Started by mddperkins Web app4 commentsLaunched

Add a 'location' field

Started by moerl Web app9 commentsLaunched

Show task cloud on the Tasks screen

Started by teeters Web app19 commentsLaunched

Add a 'URL' field

Started by atchoo Web app7 commentsLaunched

Localized versions

Started by dergutemoritz Web app5 commentsLaunched

Tag more than one task at a time

Started by adagli Web app9 commentsLaunched

24 hour time format

Started by allixsenos Web app14 commentsLaunched

RSS feeds

Started by miharu Web app27 commentsLaunched

Ability to edit multiple tasks at once

Started by sarah.mount Web app1 commentLaunched

Support for 'yesterday' in due dates

Started by goog Web app1 commentLaunched

Case insensitive tag searching

Started by justin.powell Web app2 commentsLaunched

New repeat word: annually

Started by peter.lewis Web app1 commentLaunched

Link to advanced search help from search box

Started by mddperkins Web app2 commentsLaunched

Search help section with Google

Started by alexander.gagin Web app1 commentLaunched

Show keyboard shortcuts in the tooltips

Started by philandmaria Web app2 commentsLaunched

Search function

Started by jsteehl Web app7 commentsLaunched

New search operator: isTagged

Started by aloys Web app5 commentsLaunched


Started by sabrina Web app27 commentsLaunched