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Ability to unshare a list

apgordon says:
I have two RTM accounts... one for work and one for personal (though this morning I decided to just combine the two).

It's not a big deal, because I don't see the shared list unless I click on Contacts -> view shared tasks, BUT I feel like there should be a way to unshare a list if both parties agree.

I realize this is currently impossible (, but feel like if I control both ends of the sharing, I should be able to change this...
Posted at 1:31pm on August 19, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now possible with the new Remember The Milk (and yes, we can't believe it wasn't available earlier, either!).

Thanks for everyone's feedback! :)
Posted 1 year ago
gmonty says:
I just came across this and I totally agree. I shared a list with my girlfriend and she no longer wants it in her RTM and there is no way I can remove it unless I delete the list. Seems silly really.
Posted 8 years ago
mfpost says:
I would also like the ability to Unshare a task or folder
Posted 8 years ago
andres.riancho says:
+1, unsharing should be part of RTM.
Posted 7 years ago
ilyse.kazar says:

i shared some task lists from a contract job to my personal RTM account. I no longer work there but it seems that even as the shared-to party i have no way to "unsubscribe" from those lists. I have no option but to clutter up my task list with tasks that no longer have anything to do with me!

Posted 7 years ago
adandl says:
I would not even say that this is a feature.
I consider it a bug that you can share but not unshare a list!

That needs to be corrected asap

Posted 7 years ago
apgordon_work says:
Yup, I have the same set up (a ps and a wk account). Seems like if you control the two accounts in question, this shouldn't be an issue.
Posted 7 years ago
apgordon_work says:
Wow. I didn't read who posted this originally and just realized it was me. Whoops, sorry.

So... obviously still think this is a good idea, heh.
Posted 7 years ago
janvanderploeg says:
I want to use RTM with my wife. If a (for me) repeating task have to be shared for one time, I need to be able to share it and unshare it.

Delete and recreate a (repeating) task as the only way to unshare a task won't work. To much work.
Posted 7 years ago
peter.leonard says:

I shared my inbox with my wife and I now have no way of unsharing it. She has made no changes to the list and she now no longer wants it in her RTM as it is impossible to distinguish between my Inbox and her Inbox (you can't rename a Inbox). Neither one of us can unshare the list. Seems like basic functionality. Agree with previous poster that the lack of this feature makes RTM unsuitable for business purposes.

I love RTM but the inability to unshare a list is a real blocker.
Posted 7 years ago
kanntara says:
Posted 7 years ago
freecellwizard says:
I'm getting a divorce and I can't unshare any of my lists with my ex. Is the workaround to just delete all my lists and start over? This seems like a hassle.
Posted 7 years ago
kanntara says:
Tested something that was a success as a workaround but does involve some work.

- Created a new, unshared list
- Move all the tasks to an unshared list (complete and incomplete)
- Delete the original list
- Rename the new list back to the original name.

- A completed task CAN be moved to another list without uncompleting it
- The shared list is removed from my account
- The shared list is NOT removed from their account but is empty
- All incomplete tasks AND completed tasks should be moved or be moved to the inbox.
- All tasks, even if completed by the other person, will be removed from their account

NOTE: IF the other person deletes the shared list before you have a chance to move the items to an unshared list, all items will move to their inbox (complete and incomplete) and will be removed from your account.
Posted 7 years ago
markfrman says:
Kanntara I was doing that but evidently it doesn't work for some tasks. This is a real PITA.
Posted 7 years ago
duncwork says:
+1 - I have a litter of old lists no longer shareable but cluttering up the tabs
Posted 7 years ago
an.educational.journey says:
Totally agree that this is needed:

If I share a list of daily assignments with my housekeeper and she moves away I don't want her deleting my list since it no longer pertains to her. I want to share the list with the new housekeeper.

I also want to share chores with my kids etc. After going to the trouble of setting up the tasks to I don't want to worry that one of them gets deleted because one of the kids just didn't feel like doing it that way.
Posted 6 years ago
an.educational.journey says:
Hit enter to soon. I was going to cut that last paragraph and post in a new suggestion to protect tasks from deletion on shared lists.
Posted 6 years ago
neokeats says:
2 years and nothing done for this... ^^'
Posted 6 years ago
garywiz says:
It seems like a terrible shame that such an essential privacy issue hasn't even been commented on by the company. It gives us very little confidence in using RTM for anything serious.

Relationships change, and people who work on tasks together often do so for a limited amount of time and then go their own ways. Being able to unshare easily is an essential feature.
Posted 6 years ago
ndjakou says:
RTM. Please Listen.
There have been no comments from you on this.
The logic is simple. The sharer of the list- should be the owner. They should decide who the list gets shared with (and unshared with). If the owner removes someone who it is shared with the list should be deleted from the other persons account and moved to a 'system' list called something "Shared- Removed". (This list could not exist until required). That way no notes or changes will be lost.
Should be pretty simple.
We are experimenting in the office with rtm and sharing tasks/lists. I am hoping to convince the whole office to go pro, but this is something that has already raised alarm bells with most of the team. We have tried different scenarios but they all require workrounds and risk deleting tasks.
Also as a side note, tasks should not be deleteable by anyone but the "owner"- only editable.
RTM Please respond and let us know your thoughts on this frustrating subject.
Posted 6 years ago
cono_sur says:
I was somehow able to unshare a list. First, I deleted the Contact from the Contacts page, then I went back to the List -> Share tab and clicked on the shared contact's name. It error-ed out, but it appears as though the person is no longer sharing the list.
Posted 6 years ago
gjunqueira says:
PLEASE, fix it as soon as possible.

The list owner should always be able to share/unshare it with as many contacts as he wants.
Posted 6 years ago
pattygolsteijn says:
Totally agree.
Posted 6 years ago
wolfsnap says:
This isn't a feature request.. It's a bug fix request!
Posted 5 years ago
stephenmeszaros says:
The ability to un-share is a must! This is basic UX, if I share a list with someone I should have "parental" control over said list. You could always give users the option to un-share and allow the, sharee (if that's a word) to keep the list.

Just my 2¢ - Please Implement!
Posted 5 years ago
bo1o1 says:
I'm guessing from all this.. only choice is Pain in the Butt.. Make New Task.. Move all items into new Task.. and don't share it with person you were sharing with..
Posted 5 years ago
iprince says:
>< Terribly uncomfortable, but even worse tasks sharing (not a list). Get rid of sharing for task impossible!!! AND WHY COPY AS PERMISSIONS WHEN DUPLICATING TASKS?!
Posted 5 years ago
rickschertz says:
Ugh. While setting up new lists for groups, I shared one list with a group. Next, I selected a few individuals to share with and didn't realize the prior group was checked. Now I have to delete and recreate the list. :(
Posted 5 years ago
koppah says:

This is a very poor design!
Posted 5 years ago
milandt says:
Please fix it so lists and tasks can be unshared.
Posted 4 years ago
gordonzano says:
Lol! RTM's version of unshare a task or list is like "till death do us part", or alternatively use some amateurish work around. I can't believe that this fundamental aspect has not been adressed. For an app that is meant to aspire to GTD, we are told to make do with laborious work around methods to unshare our tasks! WTF!!!
Posted 2 years ago
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