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When editing multiple tasks, show common tags in the tags field

kevin.bouck says:
Lets assume I have three tasks already tagged as follows:

- Task 1, tag1, tag2, tag3
- Task 2, tag2, tag4, tag6
- Task 3, tag2, tag8, tag9

When in multi-edit mode, if I select all three of these tasks, the edit window will list only "".

But, since "tag2" is common to all three, it would be better if the edit windows would display ", tag2"

A concrete scenerio where this applies is as follows:
1. I have 10 tasks, which are already tagged with various tags
2. I use multi-edit to apply a common tag to all 10 of these tasks
3. I realize that it was the wrong tag to apply and want to undo it, but in multi-edit mode I don't have a good way of just removing only this one tag, while leaving the previously existing tags.

Posted at 9:34am on March 27, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We've now improved this with the new Remember The Milk.

When you select multiple tasks and edit the tags, it will now show you the tags that the tasks have in common (and the ones that only some tasks have).

Hope this helps!
Posted 3 years ago
kevin.bouck says:
Missing from the title and explanation is the "(Multiple)" tag which looks like it got stripped away as html because it has left and right greater than signs.
Posted 11 years ago
peter.jewell says:
I raised a question about this with a slightly different real world example.
In answer to my question I was pointed at a workaround -- it does the trick but is probably a bit too techy for some users.

See: "Remove common tags from multiple tasks (How to)"
Posted 7 years ago
mgercke says:
That would be enormeously helpful. As soon as you are juggling with houndreds of tasks and dozens of tags this will come in handy!
Posted 5 years ago
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