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Show a dropdown list when you click on the tags field, then filter the list as you type

brad.couper says:
Can you make it so that tags will display in a drop down list when you click into the tags field and then will start to filter as you type?

Similar to when you get the country drop down box in websites, when you type the letter U it jumps to Uganda, then you can scroll down to Unites States.

This would be great because I don't remember all my tags and ended up with several similar ones when I should be tagging to one standard tag (doesn't say much about my memory I know!).

That would be most helpful.

Posted at 7:09pm on January 23, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now available in the new Remember The Milk.

Thanks for everyone's feedback on this! :)
Posted 7 years ago
dkutz says:
Yes, please! This is a prized feature in the android version of RTM, and an important usability feature for the full web interface.
Posted 14 years ago
john.niven says:
Also... I love the tag cloud, but it disappears whenever you select a task - which makes remembering my tags harder. I'd love it if the tag cloud remained visible. If it occupies too much on-screen real-estate, perhaps it could have a collapse/expand function so users can "minimise" or hide it if needed?
Posted 14 years ago
henrivdm says:
ABSOLUTELY. I use tags in a fairly rigid way, and don't want to end up with a million tags.
It is a PAIN not being able to select from a list.
This is basic functionality and should be added!
Posted 14 years ago
jehannebc says:
I've just started using RTM, but am totally frustrated by the inability to see my existing tags when adding a new task or editing a task. I cannot understand why clicking on the little tag icon in the task/note box doesn't pull up either a drop down or invoke the cloud. (Also, why doesn't clicking on the little calendar bring up a calendar in the due date field?) And why does selecting a task cause the task cloud to disappear just when you need it???? This seems like a major failing and is seriously impairing my ability to use this service. And I paid.
Posted 14 years ago
qms2 says:
lack of tag list is really problematic
not why there is not such a thing yet...

anyway guys, I think you know about it.
Posted 13 years ago
rfduck says:
A drop-down list would be great, as would the ability to see all available tags on the mobile site. I've noticed that, on the mobile version, you can only see the tags you are currently using.
Posted 13 years ago
dkutz says:
The more I use the RTM, I'm finding myself not able to use the website interface specifically because it's not efficient enough to assign existing tags. This is well-implemented in the android ( and I assume iPhone ) versions of the app.

Pls address, I may have to start looking at other task-manager options soon as the web-based interface is becoming more important to me.

Seems odd that this can be done on the mobile platforms but not on the website interface??
Posted 13 years ago
dkutz says:
I may be the last person to figure this out, but I don't see it posted here. :)

When creating a new task, enter a space and # at the end of the task description and the web-based RTM interface will provide a drop-down list box of your tags.

The inability to efficiently assign tags was very nearly a RTM deal breaker for me, and this new discovery has largely addressed that concern.
Posted 13 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes, this is something provided by our Smart Add service. Glad you're finding this helpful!
Posted 13 years ago
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