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Customize tag colors

michal.valko says:
would help a lot. When I look at my tasks (all tagged) a see a tag = little blue 5-6 letter world next to it. If those were different color I could see how many of which tasks per tag I have.
Posted at 8:19pm on August 14, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
The ability to choose tag colors is now available with the launch of the new Remember The Milk.

Hope this helps, and thanks for everyone's feedback! :)
Posted 1 year ago
raroos says:
Great idea. A background color for the name based on the tag color.
Posted 8 years ago
amirmasoudabdol says:
Yes, It's Great, +1
Posted 8 years ago
raroos says:
Hmm, I thougth about it a little bit longer. How to handle multiple tags with different colors....
Posted 8 years ago
dnnx says:
raroos, +1
Posted 8 years ago
jake.velker says:
Instead of a background color, I would do it just like gmail's labels - individual words for each tag (like RTM is now), with each word surrounded by its own color. This would solve raroos problem.
Posted 8 years ago
rosemarie.gant says:
Yes, please do, I would find this really valuable as well.
Posted 8 years ago
jmanjman says:
I would love this.
Posted 8 years ago
shanaev says:
Yes ! It's great ideas !
Posted 7 years ago
nerrad says:
I want to add my kudos for this idea as well. Would really help with how I use RTM
Posted 7 years ago
altivec says:
Yes, please
Posted 7 years ago
boxinxu says:
Yes, it would really help, just like Gmail tags.
Posted 7 years ago
crn05 says:
Posted 7 years ago
mlewis47 says:
i would like this also.
Posted 7 years ago
james.littlewood says:
Posted 6 years ago
zaehring says:
This is a deal-breaker from me. I need to have some way to visually identify (without reading) my task lists or my task tags, or my task categories, or something. Colors are great, icons work too. I want to use RTM on my android, so I'd buy the pro version if there were some color-coding option (beyond priority).
Posted 6 years ago
dayoung24 says:
+1 Great idea!!!
Posted 6 years ago
mrpfunk says:
Yes! This would make it SO much easier to quickly identify specific items from a larger list that already has multiple tags in use.
Posted 6 years ago
sjmpowell says:
Coloured tags like GMail would be very useful. For instance, I use the tags "Work" or "Personal" every task but have a consolidated list of tasks due today. It would be really useful to see at a glance which are which.
Posted 6 years ago
diego.desu says:
+1 It will be simpler to get organized with colored tags, like gmail labels feature.
Posted 5 years ago
carmenv says:
Would love to see this asap.
Posted 5 years ago
alfred74new says:
Absolutely a great idea.
Posted 5 years ago
sverrem says:
I want this... Just the ability to define a customizable colour per tag. Would make it so much easier to get a good overview when looking at the task list.
Posted 4 years ago
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