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Display the original owner of a shared list

jshuma says:
My wife and I have shared our Personal task lists with each other. The problem is that they're both named Personal, and it's confusing to tell which is which.

A shared list should be displayed with its owner. Like, "Personal [Joe User]" or something.

Also, I can't find any way to rename a task list. There should be a way to rename a task list.
Posted at 1:05am on January 16, 2006
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Shared lists now show the avatar of the owner of the list in the left navigation with the launch of the new Remember The Milk.

The owner and others who are sharing the list are also now displayed with the list details in the pane on the right.

Hope this helps!
Posted 7 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Once a list is shared, its ownership is shared -- but we can look at indicating the original owner of the list.

You can rename lists -- there are some quick instructions in the help section here.
Posted 18 years ago
zweilicht says:
YES, please ;-)

find a cool way (like you did with all rtm) to indicate owners of a task (and maybe to change ownership)

... the renaming option is cool, tried it with two shared lists (one with my tasks and one with my boss ,-) but this doesn't do the job ... easier would be one shared list for us, where we can add tasks and can see who of us has to do the jobs ...

THANKS for all your work
Posted 17 years ago
zweilicht says:
PS: yes, i know, i can indicate it in the tasks name like

"create a template (me)" or "call me tomorrow (boss)"

... but a smart feature would be much nicer ...
Posted 17 years ago
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