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If only one task is mentioned in a reminder, open the task instead of the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app1 comment

Show overdue tasks separate from today's tasks

Started by chris.daida Android app4 comments

Show the total time estimated for a list

Started by mikabren Android app3 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by jthomerson Android app11 comments

Make installable on SD card

Started by kseistrup Android app20 commentsAnswered

Option to only show location-based alerts when tasks are due at that location on that particular day

Started by fnbmbm Android app22 comments

Widget that shows tasks based on your current location

Started by kingfuu Android app3 comments

Option to keep notification "persistent"

Started by jheydasch Android app7 comments

Complete tasks from the widget

Started by meggerud Android app3 comments

Improve transition between screens

Started by blackmagnum Android app9 commentsAnswered

Do not show the next occurrence of a recurring task until the presently due occurrence is completed

Started by g.randy.maruschock Android app1 comment

Contacts integration

Started by kenv481 Android app2 comments

Tap or swipe to move from one task to the next

Started by rafael.valero Android app0 comments

Auto-complete tags when editing tasks

Started by olehoholm Android app0 comments

Ability to complete/postpone tasks from reminders screen

Started by philtrocity Android app1 comment

Ability to postpone to later in the date or fixed time

Started by justin.rousselle Android app1 comment

Location-based notifications on both entering and/or leaving locations

Started by noah.souza Android app0 comments

Holo compatible theme

Started by s73fan Android app1 comment

Ability to associate a location with a list

Started by derekweb Android app4 comments

Allow the widgets to work on customized lock screens

Started by wcitypoe Android app1 comment