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Contacts integration

kenv481 says:
It would be great if when i type a name of a person in the task title or note - rtm searches for that name in the contact list and a link is formed. So that if i want to call or message that person i can just click on his name and it will take me to the phone phonebook.

Posted at 1:56pm on June 14, 2011
kacrocker says:
I'm often making tasks to follow up with a person, being able to get directly to their contact info would be very helpful
Posted 9 years ago
eshapira says:
Just a refinement:
Once I add a "Call John Doe" have the task link directly to the dialer, "Text/SMS John Doe" would link directly to the SMS app
and the same goes if I just put in a number , e.g. "Call 555-3232"
Posted 9 years ago
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