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Am I stupid?

Started by alisonmorrison Web app

27 months ago
Due time for tasks different on web vs apps

Started by (closed account) General

37 months ago
TOTP and/or Yubikey support

Started by (closed account) General

17 months ago
Android widget shows only empty row

Started by agix Android app

17 months ago
Create new task in moblie app (android) without due date

Started by forisber Android app

27 months ago
Simultaneously run two desktop apps for two accounts (macOS)

Started by jrrt General

37 months ago
ifttt send image tweet with text

Started by putneycricketclub Email

17 months ago
problem saving changes

Started by t3gu3r Web app

18 months ago
Google Assistant error when in Google Maps Navigation Mode

Started by hunterpritchett Android app

38 months ago
All Notes have the same date & time.

Started by mrtuk Web app

38 months ago
tasks given to me not showing in my sort

Started by j3spirit Web app

18 months ago
Date detection

Started by rschuhart Web app

28 months ago
make owner

Started by weiszguy Web app

18 months ago
No way to add subtask on Android app?

Started by 42yeah Android app

18 months ago
Export or print completed tasks

Started by opheliia Web app

29 months ago
Quick archive function

Started by maaalk Web app

09 months ago
save path to folder (instead of file) on task, similar to URL

Started by mwenger Web app

19 months ago
Subtasks visible without due date of Parent task

Started by ekwohl610 General

19 months ago
lost all subtasks after changing a task's list

Started by slucheri General

39 months ago
Major Bug In Linux v1.3.11

Started by portmaconline Web app

19 months ago