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Custom list not showing subtasks

Started by cobrastyle Web app

42 days ago
Old Lists

Started by scottorbin Web app

22 days ago
Mac RTM 1.1.15 not always showing task details

Started by clivey Web app

54 days ago

Started by havetrunk Web app

16 days ago
Adding a location by coordinates, not address

Started by cjug Web app

36 days ago
Repeating Tasks still Duplicating Themselves

Started by matthias_1 Web app

16 days ago
Bug Report: Group By (Date) Should Respect Sort Direction

Started by wcitymike Web app

15 weeks ago
Completing a Subtask

Started by kerrpe Web app

36 weeks ago
Shortcut Keys in Firefox 71

Started by jonathantwong Web app

16 weeks ago
Import from CSV

Started by nafets1234 Web app

16 weeks ago
Tasks disappearing and refusing to stay checked when completed

Started by stephaniemesler Web app

17 weeks ago
Ordering tasks in advance for next day

Started by wpietron Web app

38 weeks ago
Adding subtasks through task line

Started by drfrankbuck Web app

18 weeks ago
Search impossible

Started by thomasb84 Web app

18 weeks ago
Desktop app (Windows) not handling multiple monitors correctly

Started by wilsardaukar Web app

18 weeks ago
Changing status of completed task

Started by theericknight Web app

29 weeks ago
Smart List with Subtasks

Started by cincyexpat Web app

29 weeks ago
How to set a due date after a task is done

Started by avdyk Web app

110 weeks ago
Default template for new tasks

Started by novacatz Web app

111 weeks ago