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Max number of tasks

Started by glosca Web app

13 days ago
due: "day before yesterday"

Started by cfgauss Web app

13 weeks ago
All the tasks in smart lists were deleted

Started by stu.silverstein Web app

25 weeks ago
Windows Desktop App - Where Reminders Settings are stored

Started by frank479 Web app

35 weeks ago
Can I add a start and end time to a task?

Started by morgan.walker Web app

45 weeks ago
Showing Tasks due a specific time in today's past or next ten minutes.

Started by jamesr404 Web app

15 weeks ago
Dates out of sync

Started by sannograham Web app

45 weeks ago
Can I mark a task as completed on a day/time before my current one?

Started by ayakokiyomizu Web app

35 weeks ago
Looking to create a weekly repeated check list - Repeating List

Started by matthijs.koen Web app

77 weeks ago
Bookmarklets will stop working on June 1st 2018?

Started by jimjoh Web app

27 weeks ago
Can I advance a group of tasks (negative postpone)?

Started by davilopesramos Web app

17 weeks ago
A note section to each list

Started by thiemehennis Web app

07 weeks ago
Ability to link to other tasks

Started by cblupo Web app

18 weeks ago
Alerts on smartphone

Started by ramu_atm Web app

18 weeks ago
why don't subtask shown to free user? at least they can view

Started by r0ckabilly Web app

08 weeks ago
Drag and drop sort order on Android app

Started by plsquid223 Web app

18 weeks ago
Progressive Web App

Started by alexfillis Web app

18 weeks ago
Search for daily recurring tasks

Started by johan.nilsson Web app

28 weeks ago
cyclical tasks

Started by dragon86 Web app

110 weeks ago