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Previosly repeating subtasks become non repeating

Started by prasi00 Web app

025 hours ago
Workaround for showing subtasks?

Started by b.lewer Web app

110 days ago
Custom printing?

Started by korey99 Web app

215 days ago
Dates Change

Started by j1234aaaa Web app

316 days ago
Installation RTM on Debian stable 11 Bullseye failed

Started by salvadorsosa Web app

33 weeks ago
undo does not undo a duplicate task

Started by nah.why Web app

54 weeks ago
Line Break in Comment Using Smart Add

Started by robhix Web app

34 weeks ago

Started by ageisel Web app

14 weeks ago
What options do I have to control note order, or sorting notes, in a task.

Started by nah.why Web app

45 weeks ago
How do I set a reminder for a task I have assigned?

Started by ageisel Web app

05 weeks ago
Search by year

Started by mahinirb Web app

27 weeks ago
Can I disable the spell checking on the desktop app?

Started by davilopesramos Web app

210 weeks ago
Tasks keep getting changed back!

Started by carlmoccia Web app

211 weeks ago
Tasks being registered with the wrong due date

Started by heucles Web app

112 weeks ago
Query for tasks due in the past with a range

Started by derekh4 Web app

413 weeks ago
Offline not working

Started by martingchapman Web app

215 weeks ago
How do I make subtasks just tasks? thank you. Lenny

Started by len1234 Web app

116 weeks ago
Shortcut for sorting type

Started by wpietron Web app

117 weeks ago
unarchive a list

Started by michael.hund Web app

14 months ago