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Is there a way to show the list as a label on a task (like tags are)

Started by gstoel Web app

035 hours ago
Font size

Started by craigoldfield Web app

12 days ago
Full Dark Theme for Web Client

Started by jeffreyrtm Web app

03 days ago
[BUG] Windows 10 - RTM opens "out of the screen"

Started by raymoncy Web app

23 days ago
Simplify moving task to a subtask in another list

Started by oneself Web app

16 days ago
Adjust font?

Started by j1234aaaa Web app

17 days ago
XML Import Nothing Happens

Started by j1234aaaa Web app

18 days ago
Web site constantly needs to be reloaded for an update

Started by msauers Web app

311 days ago
macOS App Not Working Anymore???

Started by horiznrobin Web app

211 days ago
Undeletable notification

Started by cmkoob Web app

418 days ago
Reorder left-hand column

Started by mhanover1 Web app

318 days ago
Emojis on Windows

Started by mapapo Web app

34 weeks ago
ctrl+shift+arrow while editing now moves to new page in the web app on firefox on windows

Started by nah.why Web app

55 weeks ago
Enhancement Request: Change only next occurrence

Started by druggiero11 Web app

06 weeks ago
Subtasks in completion order

Started by usernamesrobsolete Web app

18 weeks ago
missing tasks

Started by diveonfive Web app

19 weeks ago

Started by nickle Web app

110 weeks ago
Hour/time is off in Chrome

Started by roberto.insolia Web app

311 weeks ago
DueWithin:”1 month of 1st”

Started by rc74accts Web app

212 weeks ago