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Search for tasks that started more than X weeks/months ago

Started by gareth.fabbro General

13 days ago
Default Due Date Tomorrow

Started by heymilk General

15 days ago
Can I share a smart list?

Started by korey99 General

33 weeks ago
Deleting a task after giving it to someone else: removed from other account as well?

Started by gioele General

14 weeks ago
Mac app won't show badge on Dock icon

Started by ismh General

14 weeks ago

Started by megmomof4 General

25 weeks ago
Losing notes

Started by shendl General

15 weeks ago
Reminder on Desktop

Started by (closed account) General

16 weeks ago
Refund request

Started by applet0 General

16 weeks ago
Tags from smart list get attached automatically on new tasks

Started by johan.nilsson General

46 weeks ago
List colum width

Started by clarkeystu General

16 weeks ago
Print out of tasks - with notes

Started by philipvanneste General

28 weeks ago
Add subtasks via email / Move a task as subtask

Started by himanshu121b General

110 weeks ago
Losing subtasks by not renewing Pro?

Started by harmbakker82 General

112 weeks ago
Clarification needed about behavior of subtasks

Started by migloth General

712 weeks ago

Started by grollen General

313 weeks ago

Started by ravitodo General

1914 weeks ago
Filtering out tasks due today with no time

Started by arnoudengelfriet General

515 weeks ago
Odd days

Started by wpietron General

115 weeks ago
How to make smartlist containing only fixed number of tasks.

Started by solarlynx General

216 weeks ago