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Android app crashing

Started by jennifergdong Android app

413 days ago
Ghost Notifications

Started by edwin.mercado Android app

220 days ago
Text too small

Started by limitedmage Android app

74 weeks ago
Numbered sublists

Started by caltechgirl Android app

44 weeks ago
not getting reliable android notifications

Started by draftpeppin Android app

56 weeks ago
feature request: widget with rounded corners

Started by ingovidual Android app

08 weeks ago
widget not truncating any more

Started by aleyzerovich Android app

18 weeks ago
Widget not updating

Started by joepblox Android app

110 weeks ago
Alerts COme in for Tasks already Completed

Started by geojono Android app

211 weeks ago
intermittent reminder

Started by mrsendnoodles Android app

14 months ago
Android app interface

Started by gary_berg Android app

14 months ago
Arranging the smartlist order in Android

Started by jroost Android app

14 months ago
Alexa Suggestions

Started by scott.kressley Android app

14 months ago
Sorting tags

Started by katboy Android app

66 months ago
Log in

Started by miket.matthews1 Android app

16 months ago
Notch support?

Started by maciek.ziernicki Android app

46 months ago
Duplicated repeating tasks

Started by susana.barbosa Android app

16 months ago
duplicate a task on mobile app (Android)

Started by antonin_atger_a Android app

17 months ago
Incomplete tasks and repeating

Started by 4kingdomsfarm Android app

17 months ago