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Tasks not showing up in Lists

Started by avvosmeyz Android app

115 days ago
Android app confused about date

Started by bokesan Android app

819 days ago
Smart Lists disappear at random in the Android app but not in the web app

Started by johan.nilsson Android app

39 weeks ago
Add a focus mode

Started by tom1cat2 Android app

010 weeks ago
App Shortcut for New Task

Started by lensaffair Android app

016 weeks ago
Cannot assign a task to myself on the phone AND set a reminder.

Started by harmonicrain Android app

44 months ago
Time zone setting confusing (at least to me)

Started by dave.liao Android app

74 months ago
Android widget does not sync

Started by pk2155 Android app

45 months ago
Has Android pro app got dark (that is dark grey) theme?

Started by student975 Android app

35 months ago
sorting drag and drop

Started by sailor74 Android app

27 months ago
Select All Overdue

Started by ahliana Android app

18 months ago
Android notifications

Started by mantralbk Android app

78 months ago
Sharing doesn't do anything

Started by _ae_ Android app

58 months ago
Data Usage over 4G

Started by mantradrew Android app

59 months ago
Any chance to have a color themed widget?

Started by rlebrette Android app

110 months ago
Clearing Android Notifications

Started by martingchapman Android app

111 months ago
bring the Magical search wizard to mobile

Started by (closed account) Android app

111 months ago
Interactive widget [feature request]

Started by bhearsum Android app

011 months ago
Smart Add - Android App won't add locations

Started by milene.cha Android app

21 year ago