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How to add "permanent" estimate to repeating/recurring tasks

bakert says:
If I create a task with an estimate and then make it repeat every day, that task will now permanently have that estimate each time it repeats.

If I create a task that repeats every day without an estimate, then give it an estimate soon after creation, that task will now permanently have that estimate each time it repeats.

If I have a repeating task that has existed for a while that is due today and I add an estimate, future versions of that task do not get the estimate and the estimate is attached only to the version due today.

This is because tomorrow's version of the task has already been created. If I search for the task text I see two copies of it, one due today and one due tomorrow. (And, in fact, I can add an estimate to tomorrow's task, mark it completed, and a new one is created *with* the estimate.)

Is there any way to say "make this estimate permanent" when working with the task that is due today? I guess not and I need to either add it at task creation time or search for the next copy and alter that if I want my estimate to also be repeating?
Posted at 2:59pm on April 14, 2024
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi bakert,
Yes, in general you would need to add the estimate (or change the other properties) on the latest task to make sure they carry forward.

Keep in mind this behavior is a bit different between tasks that repeat "every" interval and tasks that repeat "after" an interval. You can see more in our help pages.

I hope this helps! 💙
Posted 9 weeks ago
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