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Linux App

ndmaxwell says:
I've installed RTM on Ubuntu (Lubunt) 23.04. The application loads and functions, but there are a couple bugs/quirks:

1. Left-clicking dock icon does not maximize, minimize or manipulate the app window in any way; they appear disconnected. (The dock icon appears correctly, and right-click reveals a functional menu for adding tasks, preferences, etc.)

2. The app window icon appears broken (displays a generic app icon). The app window does not "hide to dock" when minimized, but appears on the taskbar (LXQt) at all times.

I can probably fix the broken icon, but I'm not sure how to re-bind the dock icon and app window. Any suggestions?

Finally, it looks like the last Linux-related post was over a year ago. Is development for the Linux desktop client dead? Are there any plans to migrate to a Progressive Web App?
Posted at 3:52pm on July 20, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ndmaxwell,
Thanks for reporting both issues! I'll add those to our list to investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience in managing the app window!
Posted 9 months ago
fant says:
would like to see a flatpak version...
Posted 8 months ago
ndmaxwell says:
Thanks @andrewski. For what it's worth, a docking icon can be otherwise handled (e.g. KDocker). Just nuking the task area icon and letting the RTM Linux app function like a regular progressive web app (which is what it appears to be) would make that kind of solution feasible - even as an interim.
Posted 8 months ago
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