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Basics and best practices

nplanchon says:
Hello. I'd like to start using RTM more effectively by using dates (both Start and Due), tags and possibly Smart lists too.

I would like to set up a simple way to have RTM help me by surfacing what's most important and next to do.

What are some best practices that I can adopt to make that work? What are best uses for dates and tags? A due date seems the most obvious to me.

I would like to hear recommendations about how I can use those features to move from a basic to intermediate or advanced user.

I look forward to hearing back!
Thank you
Posted at 1:29pm on September 26, 2023
mirthless29 says:
Hi, Neil

Good questions and very difficult to answer. It depends on a lot of things.

I feel more more confident with my system reviewing it a lot. i use very few alarms or due dates.

My experience and uses are:
• Start date as a reminder to look into a task, mainly for delayed or delegated. I have some smart lists based on start dates
• Due dates: very few and only for extrict and non subjective ones. It has no sense por me as a reminder. I une for them start dates. If I postpone a lot Im doing wrong
Posted 7 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Neil,
In addition to mirthless29's suggestions, I'd suggest looking through our blog or our Tips page.

Since you're looking for ways to find what's coming up, I might suggest a few tips:

Finding next actions that you haven’t acted on

Using priority instead of due dates (or just in addition to due dates! 😅)

I hope some of these help but let us know if you run into any questions or are looking for something else! 💙
Posted 7 months ago
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