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New search is slow and quirky

coasterguy53433 says:
It looks like a "Search with AI" feature has been added, but I don't see mention of it anywhere on the RTM website or blog.

The search box now says "Try: tasks without tags or locations..." When I try to search for something it's now slower. Often it's much MUCH slower.

Also things that used to work naturally -- now yield unexpected results. For example if I want to search for:

txt matt ray

It changes it to

txt:matt ray

And the search results I want -- don't show up.
Posted at 1:01am on July 29, 2023
coasterguy53433 says:
This is really frustrating. Is there a way to turn this feature off? It's slowing me down.
Posted 10 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mwyadartm,
Sorry the search is slower and not working well for you! We can adjust these so we appreciate your examples.

It's not possible to disable it but this doesn't search differently, just displays it differently (for that kind of search) and also offers different things (when you search a phrase and not just text that could match task names).

We'll keep adjusting but for now if it does anything you don't expect you can always fall back to the search options dropdown where you can search there. It will show a search like

(name:txt AND name:matt AND name:ray)

but that is what would happen internally previously, so it's just showing that more specifically that way.

I hope this helps overall, but please let us know if the search doesn't do anything you expect!

As for performance, I'll follow up by email since we are already discussing that. I am curious to see if it's related to that issue generally or something more specific to the search function.
Posted 10 months ago
coasterguy53433 says:
Did the new search get rolled-out to Stable channel today?

I know you normally don't publish changelogs (which I don't agree with) but there's got to be a way for us to know when the app changes in a visible way!
Posted 9 months ago
tom.dalrymple says:
What mwyadartm said. We need an alert .
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass that on to the team! We have the "Updates from the team" popup in the web/desktop app (available later from menu > Updates).
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks again for mentioning this: this should not have emerged from beta yet (thus no announcement) and we are sorry for the inconvenience!

If you want to test this out further, you can switch to the 'beta' channel through your Account Settings (at the bottom of the General section).

Let us know if we can ever help with anything else! 💙
Posted 9 months ago
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