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table / grid / spreadsheet view?

edstauff says:
Does RtM provide a table or grid view of tasks, where each row is a task, and there's a column for each task field (name, due, list, tags, estimate, location, etc.)? I couldn't find anything like that.

If RtM doesn't have such a view, could I add it using MilkScript? Is it possible to create a UI in MilkScript?

Thank you!
Posted at 2:19pm on August 7, 2023
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi edstauff,
This kind of view isn't available, sorry, but the closest you could use is this MilkScript (made by a fellow user!) to generate a CSV.

You'd need an external app to view them of course, but that would work to view them the way you want.

Depending on your needs there may be another way to do what you want within Remember The Milk, so let me know if you'd like any more help with anything! 💙
Posted 8 months ago
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