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Better indication when the Inbox has new tasks

Started by droq Web app1 comment

Import/export list settings, including Smart Lists

Started by we.kanes Web app0 comments

Support for due dates based on holidays (e.g. '3 days before Mother's Day')

Started by bhcohen Web app13 comments

Ability to set default tags per list

Started by owen.peery Web app5 comments

Search for due dates in the past (e.g. due in the last week)

Started by honel Web app27 comments

Color printing for priorities

Started by b2pix Web app3 comments

Ability to use Smart Add when editing tasks

Started by jcassee Web app1 comment

Add Folders to group multiple lists

Started by nickgio Web app2 comments

Support for regular expressions in searches

Started by we.kanes Web app7 comments

Search by repeating interval (e.g. 'daily', 'weekly' repeating tasks)

Started by Web app2 comments

Multiple list view (ala Gmail multiple inbox view)

Started by we.kanes Web app5 comments

When in a list, only show the tags used in that list in the tag cloud

Started by drkibzzz Web app8 comments

Ability to set a default location per list

Started by john.brady Web app4 comments

Grouped locations (e.g. multiple supermarkets in a 'supermarkets' group)

Started by denis_bda Web app0 comments

Better subtasking functionality

Started by shardvicens Web app4 comments

Hide/show lists based on current location (e.g. only show work-related lists at work)

Started by dominic.spachmann Web app4 comments

Print selected tasks

Started by joanne.lawrence Web app1 comment

Ability to convert a task into a list

Started by tats_y Web app0 comments

Ability to create custom formatting rules (e.g., make overdue tasks have red background, make tasks tagged with 'family' bold)

Started by mickem Web app2 comments

Ability to email non-members with shared tasks and lists

Started by emeraldconsulting Web app6 comments