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When in a list, only show the tags used in that list in the tag cloud

drkibzzz says:
When using a list, I use the tag feature to differentiate sub-lists within that list.

The smart search feature is good for quick display of tasks that belong to a sub-list within a list.

It would be nice to see quickly at a glance which sub-lists have been created so far within a list.

If I could see the tags displayed somewhere on the right, I would know what are the sublists available.

Keep up the good work
Posted at 12:51am on December 2, 2007
bzpilman says:
Don't they ? Check out Settings/General/Tags dropdown box.

Or do you mean a custom-made tag cloud for each list, showing its inventory of tags ?
Posted 9 years ago
drkibzzz says:

I mean a custom-made tag cloud for each list showing its content of tags.
Posted 9 years ago
osamu2001 says:
Local TagClaud?

Posted 9 years ago
drkibzzz says:
I mean tags that show when you're in a specific list. I know there is one in the overview section that populates automatically.

It would be useful to have the same but for each list you are in.
Posted 9 years ago
rossgoodman says:
Oh yes, this would be so helpful.

e.g. click on a tag - this creates a seach.
The tag cloud for the search results shows JUST the tags that are relevant for the tasks in the search!
Posted 6 years ago
skerj says:
RTM, is this a possibility? Sometimes my Lists are lengthy. Being able to narrow the list down with a quick click on the tag cloud would be very handy.
Posted 5 years ago
sajtbaba says:

- TagSieve add-on for FireFox
Posted 3 years ago
sajtbaba says:
Of course, only narrowing the tag list (or showing the related tags) works efficiently only with another idea: adding more tags to the query with a click.

See idea: "Ability to click a tag in the tag cloud, hold the shift key, then click more tags to append to the search"
Posted 3 years ago
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