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Themes - add users pictures & sharing

(closed account) says:
The new themes are excellent ! However, please can we add the ability for a user to set their own theme (from a photo, etc.). Also, as a further step why not provide sharing of themes so that users can exchange quality theme pictures ?
Posted at 8:13am on December 30, 2016
ornorm says:
I was looking for the exact same feature (add our own pictures)
Posted 3 years ago
ggmaxheadroom says:
Totally agree with above, definitely should be able to add own photos.
Posted 3 years ago
flashback0 says:
I think the ability to set our own theme would be enough. As far as I can tell, the theme has no effect on anything but the background picture. If this is true, there are plenty of other websites where users can find background photos that they would like.
Posted 2 years ago
dave.liao says:
Ability to upload a custom background would be sweet.
Posted 2 years ago
holl0w says:
It would be great to add your own pictures to themes (background picture). Maybe the pictures must not be hostet on the RTM server, perhaps just link to a picture an the web.
Posted 2 years ago
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