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Auto-link URLs in task names

wodow says:
How about automatically making web addresses hyperlinked in task names?

I sometimes create tasks such as "look at x and y on", usually where I've pasted in the URL from another window or tab.

I realise this could make selecting such tasks slightly tricky. Any ways around that?

Posted at 3:14pm on December 14, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We've been thinking about this -- so long as it doesn't interfere with task selection, it should be possible. We'll add it to that to-do list :)
Posted 14 years ago
wodow says:
Thanks again - will look forward to it.

Posted 14 years ago
adski says:
In the meantime you can just use the firefox linkification extension to do this on all websites.
Posted 14 years ago
hans.meine says:
as long as only the URL (and not the full task bar/background) is clickable, I don’t see a problem with selection
Posted 8 years ago
chris.noto says:
I'm fine with adding this functionality, as long as you leave the field for a URL. That one works fine for me. I'd be upset if I HAD TO put any URL in the task name, as it would make the task name considerably longer, even using a URL shortener.
Posted 3 years ago
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