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Show start date in task list

gioele says:
If a start date is set, it should be shown in the task list.

This is similar to how due dates work: if a due date is set on task is will shown near the task name when the task name is listed.

A possible format, to avoid any confusion with the due date, is "starts in 2 days"/"started 3 days ago" or simply "in 2 days"/"3 days ago".
Posted at 1:52pm on February 21, 2017
rachelairmetsmith says:
Yes, this.
Posted 1 year ago
dicksrtm1024 says:
One aspect of a task list is a view into my future time commitments. Knowing when a task needs to start can be just as important as knowing when it is due. So, Start Dates should be available on the Task List.
Posted 1 year ago
cjdenbow says:
Yes, I agree with this totally. That's why you put in start dates. You need a reminder in the daily listing that you should be starting a particular task on that date, and then a continued reminder on each day until the due date is reached.
Posted 1 year ago
rdelladonna says:
Please do this. I have missed so many things in my "Today" "Tomorrow" and "This week" views because it took me a while to realize only due dates went in here. It is often more important when I need to Start a task. If I don't start it on time then I definitely won't finish it by the date I need to.
Yes, I know I can make a separate smart list, but that's fiddly and a second list to look at when planning today, tomorrow, or looking ahead for the week. Perhaps users can have the option to turn on or off showing tasks with start dates that fit the "today" "tomorrow" and "this week" criteria.
Posted 7 months ago
wayne.turetzky says:
+1 Please add this so Remember The Milk can be fully in alignment with Michael Linenberger's Manage Your Now.
Posted 6 days ago
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