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Support for regular expressions in searches

(closed account) says:
Oh my....I get goosebumps when I imagine being able to use regular expressions and Smart lists together. It's a match made in Heaven.
Posted at 5:07am on March 19, 2009
kidpix says:
I agree!!
Posted 11 years ago
jdfagan says:
+1!! I've been using RTM for all of 2 hours and already need this :)
Posted 10 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Looking at which searches would you want to be regex enabled?
Posted 10 years ago
jdfagan says:
Any of the Contains type searches makes sense to me to be regex enabled (and adding a "nameContains", "locationContains", and "listContains" type Contains search would be useful like specified here ->
Posted 10 years ago
mstaebel says:
yes, that's a very helpful feature, please add it!
Posted 8 years ago
orth says:
vote for this too
Posted 8 years ago
taiji.hiroyuki says:
Yes, absolutely!
Posted 7 years ago
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