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Ability to 'SMS this list' to your phone

Started by bbeetle Web app0 comments

Gravatar support

Started by black.puppydog General2 comments

Password protection to launch app

Started by jasonpbyu Android app2 comments

Option to disable keyboard shortcuts

Started by igorrs Web app3 comments

Import locations from CSV or other address book

Started by nessa Web app0 comments

Show the pop-up if you click on the task (not just mouseover it)

Started by andrewski Gmail add-on0 comments

Foursquare integration

Started by andres.riancho New integrations1 comment

Return focus to most recently viewed list after a Search

Started by lgmb_0t1 Web app0 comments

Add a 'business hours' field for locations

Started by alice.carback Web app2 comments

Publish/embed your task list into a webpage

Started by nadrik44 New integrations0 comments

Support for ClearContext

Started by tjasper MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook1 comment

Pocket Informant HD integration (iPad)

Started by don.davis New integrations6 comments

Command line interface

Started by scott.nesbitt New integrations13 comments

Add tasks by voice in Chrome

Started by robertvanbregt Web app1 comment

Import tasks from Outlook

Started by binky2128 New integrations7 comments

iPhone notifications that nag you until completed or postponed

Started by dominicwa iPhone app0 comments

Add a 'cost' field for tasks

Started by freesia.giedrys Web app4 comments

Widget for Mac OS

Started by rickypc New integrations3 comments

Allow users to log in with Mozilla Persona

Started by mikedconley New integrations1 comment

Locale plugin (Android)

Started by miamiray New integrations7 comments