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Sorting Favorites/Keeping them in Original Sections

evan.fredericks says:
I'd like to be able to sort lists in the favorites section rather than having them show in alphabetical order. Right now I've appended letters to the beginning of list/smartlist/tag names to make everything sort the way I want it.

I'd also like to have items that have been added to favorites still show in their original sections. E.g. when running through all of my lists during a system review I don't want to forget about the ones that I've marked as favorites.
Posted at 7:45pm on September 16, 2017
judydee2018 says:
Strongly agree that items that have been added to favorites should still show in their original sections.
I’m constantly hunting my lists only to find I actually added a list to favorites and need to go back there.
Also As Evan says , useful when reviewing lists overall so as not to miss out.
Also this is more intuitive and inline with other systems and other apps.
Eg If I add channel 5 on my tv as a favorite , I can access it quickly on the remote. But I still expect it to be there if I enter 5 directly on the remote or if I flick the channels up from 4 or down from 6.
Posted 4 months ago
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