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Store Links to Local Files in the URL field

Started by markwilliams General3 comments

Data Encryption at Rest

Started by yeshan01 General1 comment

provide rich formatting in notes (bullets, numbering, bold font)

Started by mcguirep General1 comment

Formatting options in notes

Started by ioparaskev General0 comments

Display warning message when checking off a task with incomplete subtasks

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Recurrent task without due date

Started by onerror General1 comment

Recurring tasks with a start date and no due date should not invent a due date

Started by kern3lly General2 comments


Started by kevinbjiang General6 comments

Smart List with both parent & child tasks due listed

Started by cayouettem General0 comments

Add to Google Apps Marketplace

Started by aarontn General8 comments

Assign a task to multiple people

Started by tdmusic General3 comments

start dates = to due dates... mimic due date displays & options

Started by pskarbon General0 comments

Ability to "star" tasks

Started by onerror General3 comments

Multiple attachments for tasks

Started by thomas.decker General0 comments

Lists Notes/Description

Started by matias.vidal General0 comments

Coloured Lists

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Publish your product road map.

Started by banjax General1 comment

Add activity log

Started by muhozhrun General2 comments

Arrange notes in a task

Started by astough General2 comments

move tasks as subtasks using keyboard shortcuts

Started by chioxi General0 comments