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Show iCalendar events having start and due date

Started by carloscadu General0 comments

Include list name in "description" field of the calendar feed

Started by carloscadu General0 comments

Enable Notifications Passed Through Notification Agents

Started by sn3akyp3t3 General0 comments

Support for Smart Add and non-default lists when adding with Siri

Started by njustn General2 comments


Started by david.latapie General0 comments

Support a search functions for notes

Started by wtjrklo General1 comment

Vote on Ideas for Tester Program

Started by wildlarva General1 comment

Auto-completing tasks

Started by carmen.draper General0 comments

Strike through solved tasks

Started by faustus23 General0 comments

Settings for overdue tasks in today/week

Started by owneywr General0 comments

bigger field for editing task name

Started by ph_arnaud General0 comments

Single-user "Personal Access Tokens" for API auth

Started by dlitz General0 comments

Settings for Main task estimation = Total of sub task estimation

Started by abhange General0 comments

Include the past in relative dates

Started by tcolley General0 comments

Email notification when a new forum reply is posted

Started by kcin General0 comments

Ability to search forum message body as well as topic title

Started by graham.reeds General3 comments

Option to search both the forums and blog

Started by angela.randall General6 comments

Discourage people from making "+1" replies in this forum

Started by maxcantor General6 comments

Developer extensions (without Greasemonkey)

Started by aristidb General0 comments

Add a 'Web App' forum

Started by weirdhero General0 comments