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Integrate more with Gmail labels (so when viewing messages with a label in Gmail, show tasks with that tag in Remember The Milk)

Started by redviper Gmail add-on1 comment

Show the tasks pane when viewing a message in Gmail (instead of ads)

Started by jawn Gmail add-on1 comment

Show completed tasks

Started by (closed account) Gmail add-on3 comments

Ability to auto-tag tasks that are created from emails

Started by wongtam Gmail add-on2 comments

Show task names on multiple lines in list view

Started by rozwild Gmail add-on1 comment

Auto-complete locations

Started by joelbrock Gmail add-on1 comment

Refresh and simplification of the Gmail addon - add panel, link panel, etc.

Started by (closed account) Gmail add-on1 comment

Option to increase the width of the add-on

Started by torfason Gmail add-on16 comments

Gmail add-on Firefox WebExtension upgrade

Started by rotassator Gmail add-on0 comments

Ability to assign more task properties

Started by beau.raines Gmail add-on0 comments

Connect tasks with events from calendars you don't own (e.g. 'US Holidays' public calendar)

Started by jghammar Gmail add-on2 comments

Link the Gmail icon to view the email (not open a response)

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on5 comments

Ability to choose multiple Gmail labels to create tasks from

Started by albino Gmail add-on1 comment

Support for add-on in languages other than US English

Started by phantomcode Gmail add-on3 comments

Connect tasks with events/contacts without using keywords

Started by spacevulture Gmail add-on0 comments

Option to show the tasks pane on the left in Gmail

Started by (closed account) Gmail add-on6 comments

Ability to 'pop-out' the list from the Gmail window

Started by (closed account) Gmail add-on2 comments

Show the pop-up if you click on the task (not just mouseover it)

Started by andrewski Gmail add-on0 comments

Gmail add-on for Safari

Started by canelson Gmail add-on5 comments

Add 'visit' as a keyword when connecting tasks with contacts

Started by dwbrown77 Gmail add-on2 comments