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Refresh and simplification of the Gmail addon - add panel, link panel, etc.

(closed account) says:
Really enjoying RTM. Was a pro user quite awhile back and returned with the new RTM refresh this year. That being said, I have yet to get the Gmail addon to work in Chrome, and it's seemingly getting a little long in the tooth and probably difficult to support (with Google updating GMail).

Here's an idea for a refresh and simplification. Should be doable since competitors are doing something similar, though this would be a little cleaner and address a bunch of the other requests on the forum.

When viewing an email, what if the addon adds a button in gmail next to the others (e.g. move, label, trash, more, etc.) that expands a panel with two options, link to existing task or create new task.

If you choose to link to an existing task then there's a search (functions same as on the RTM website), check the result, and click a "link to" button. The result is the addition of a note/comment with the gmail URL to the message.

Create new task displays a task "input" or "create" form. Functionally equivalent to the RTM website (more or less). The URL field is pre-populated with the URL to the gmail message.

You could take a similar approach with Google Calendar.
Posted at 7:20am on September 21, 2016
veevandyke says:
Gqueues has a similar functionality that is great. The app isn't as good as RTM, but the gmail add on is stellar!
Posted 7 years ago
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