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Integrate more with Gmail labels (so when viewing messages with a label in Gmail, show tasks with that tag in Remember The Milk)

redviper says:
I love using the RTM/Gmail plugin but one thing that bothers me is the lack of integration with labels.

For example suppose I have a gmail label "Work", when I am viewing the msg list for this label I'd like to see the tasks with the label "Work" also. When I look at "Inbox" I should see "Inbox" list in RTM.

Any chance such an integrated system might come about?
Posted at 2:36pm on June 9, 2008
tjasper says:
Great fundamental GTD idea! The Fundamental missing link in most GTD task apps is email integration. Its a crying shame that RTM have done nothing to implement this great idea in the 3 years since you suggested it! If RTM lists reflected Gmail Labels (or some variation of that theme), then if you used RTM lists as your project list you could keep associated project related emails filed in the corresponding Gmail Label. Come on RTM, this is would cement RTM as the ultimate GTD tool.
Posted 10 years ago
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