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Show the tasks pane when viewing a message in Gmail (instead of ads)

jawn says:
=== SCENARIO 1 ===
- display a mail message.

Actual result:
- Ads are displayed on the right side

Expected result:
- Display tasks pane on the right side.
- If the current mail is linked to a task, make it stand out/clearly visible.

Alternative result:
- Display task detail info (same as popup) on the right side, instead of ads.
Posted at 9:13am on September 26, 2008
ben.kwa says:
A lot of the time I want to create tasks while reading an email, because I'm using information in that email. Right now I'm having to click back out to the inbox to create tasks, which is inconvenient.
My current workaround is to use the gmail gadget *and* the browser plugin, because the gadget still shows up when I'm viewing an email.
Posted 9 years ago
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