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Option to show the tasks pane on the left in Gmail

(closed account) says:
Hi there fellow RTMers, quick question:

I feel like the Gmail Task List takes up too much screen-estate on the right side of the screen, does anybody know if there is a way to make is a shorter-thinner window on the left side of the screen? Presumably under the Contacts and Tags windows?
Posted at 9:28pm on July 2, 2008
mwg3c says:
I would also like it to come up underneath the contacts window. Is that possible?
Posted 13 years ago
cadence says:
Yes, yes, yes, I was just coming here to see if I could do that. I really dislike how the Gmail Task List takes up all that space on the right side and squeezes my list of subjects and snippets, especially when it's not even that long. I'd prefer it to be on the left side under the Navigation links and Contacts. Another option would be to allow users to have it Pop Out of Gmail the way Gchat windows can pop out. I tried logging out of it to see if that would make it disappear, but it's still there being annoying and asking me to login.

Thank you for any responses or help with this issue. I like the idea of RTM and would love to use it within my Gmail, but it's honestly too much of an eyesore on the right side, and I can't even minimize it when I'm not using it... apparently I have to actually get rid of the whole thing.
Posted 12 years ago
carynyeo says:
ditto for me. would love to be able to move rtm to the left side or even just resize it.
Posted 12 years ago
krysta says:
All for the ability for minimizing or window-shading it away when not in use, that would be great.
Posted 12 years ago
krysta says:
It DOES window-shade away. Never mind, I'm a twit. Thanks for making it do that though!
Posted 12 years ago
sinanhiasat says:
Yes please! I've set my Gmail to be in Arabic language, and the RTM pane is conflicting with the Gmail standard pane. It is not usable currently!
Posted 9 years ago
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